The Trafficked

Hi, New Page - New Book, comes out 1st of November.
Here is an insight into the research I did. I spent nearly a month in the Philippines, starting in Hong Kong. On this page there is a squatter town at the end of a Manila road and a club in porno land, Angeles town, where the biggest money makers, the biggest exploiters of women and children are white: Brits, Auzzies and Yanks
For part of the time I travelled with my lovely daughter Ginny - pictured having a pineapple something with me...The Philippines is my fave place in the world - the people are the friendliest, the beaches have the whitest sand and life is laid back - the only fly in the proverbial is the sex trade .i would just like to say to all those big men who like little girls,and i have seen plenty.... You are definitely not a big man. At best  you are a   sad old git at worst a paedophile.I am going back to the Philippines at the beginning of December to stay with the lovely father Shay Cullen who I base my Father Finn on in The Trafficked. I will be staying as a visitor in the refuge and am looking forward to meeting the children there. Please check out Father Shay's website - www.preda.org and see the real deal. No matter how good my imagination is i could never begin to imagine what he and his team have to face on a daily basis as they rescue these kids.