More stuff about me (please email me and ask me anything)

Early influences:

I love poetry and wrote from an early age. I will try and find a half decent one to include later!  I especially love Wilfred Owen. The song of Hiawatha inspired me when i was young. I got the taste for foreign settings. The last of the Mohicans remains my all time fave book – it has everything i would like to include in a book – unrequited love, big fight scenes and  a thought provoking , foreign stage.

I won two prizes for story writing when i was under 8. i was allowed to choose from some Ladybird books as my prize. i chose a book on the human body and another on Marco Polo.Which I think is quite telling...
Was a Beano reader when i was little - had it set aside every week at the newsagents. Television programs -  I loved Man from Uncle and Monkey ( weird Chinese thing for kids)and  the A team.