Death Trip

Five Gap year students go off to help build a school in a Karen refugee camp on the Thai, Burma border and get caught up in a deadly conflict. Not only is Thailand about to have a military coup but the Burmese drug barons are warring for territory and  the longest running civil war in history is still going on in the Burmese hills.  Kidnapped and held to ransom by a band of Burmese mercenaries the five are forced to march for weeks in the jungle and suffer unimaginable cruelty as they become too hot a property to handle. Deals are undone as the world watches and waits and no one wants to take responsibility - no one, except, Johnny Mann. With personal links to one of the five, but with more leads than a bowl of spaghetti, he goes it alone in a world full of mercenaries, missionaries, and misfits.  Johnny Mann has to fight his own demons, and put his life on the line to find the five before their time is up.