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Cold Killers
Been reading for ever and only just come across you, my first book of yours and couldn't put it down, loved it and can't wait to get the others,keep up you amazing writing, Thank's
Posted by Monica Nugent on 22 March 2017
cold killers
great book loved reading it
Posted by Ben Mooney on 26 September 2016
Frozen grave
Just starting reading this book and cannot put it down. If the rest of your books are like this I will be following you. Marvellous. Thanks
Posted by Shirley on 22 July 2016
Willis /Carter series
Hi Lee, Loved Frozen Grave, Cold as Ice will now buy Dead of Winter and Cold Justice! So many twists and turns in the two books I have just read. Kept me guessing to the end. Brilliant writing!
Posted by Marilyn Cliff on 29 April 2016
Johnny Mann
Hi Lee
Loved all the books regarding Johnny Mann.
Is there going to be any more.

Johnny Mann will be back, but not sure when.
Posted by Fiona morrison on 15 January 2016
cant wait
Posted on 19 July 2015
Johnny Mann books.
Posted on 24 June 2015
Posted on 19 May 2015
Frozen Grave
Posted on 10 May 2015
Frozen grave
Posted on 06 February 2015
Audio Books
Posted on 14 January 2015
Johnny Mann & Willis/Carter Series
Posted on 16 April 2014
The Trophy Taker
Posted on 30 September 2013
Dead Of Winter
Posted on 08 April 2013
Dead of Winter
Posted on 08 April 2013
Posted on 10 February 2013
Your books
Posted on 07 February 2013
womens hour
Posted on 25 January 2013
Radio 4
Posted on 25 January 2013
No Title
Posted on 24 January 2013
Radio 4
Posted on 24 January 2013
radio 4
Posted on 24 January 2013
Johnny Mann
Posted on 16 December 2012
the trophy taker
Posted on 08 December 2012
hong kong
Posted on 26 November 2012
Johnny Mann
Posted on 07 October 2012
Posted on 04 October 2012
All Your Books
Posted on 03 October 2012
your books
Posted on 13 September 2012
kiss and die
Posted on 28 August 2012
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