Johnny Mann dreams part 2

by Pete Rumney - 11:20 on 11 August 2015

Johnny Mann Dreams Part 2

The nurse went around and checked the machines that had been keeping Johnny Mann alive since his relapse from septicaemia. For three months he had fought off infection but still he could not fully commit to living. He hovered between worlds; between recovery and relapse. The nurse walked around to the back of the bed and pulled down the blinds. It was already dark outside stormy, hot and humid. The streets were a slow moving blur off red as cars inched home and the neon bounced out from every bar along the way. 
Johnny Mann became restless, 
‘He is dreaming, I think.’ The nurse turned to the woman who was watching her, then she went across to the basin in the corner of the room and saturated a muslin cloth with cold water. She brought it back to sooth Mann’s forehead. ‘Dreaming of you perhaps?’ the nurse smiled.
‘You can go now.’ Victoria Chan replied. 
She waited until the nurse left and then she stood and leant across Mann's body. 
‘You underestimated me, Johnny – big mistake. ‘Now look at you!’ She went to stand at the end of his bed. ‘By the way, an old friend of yours is back in town, asking about you; you’re definitely going to want to see them. You were very close at one time. They’re here to try and claim my throne.’ She laughed. ‘They can try, all of them, but I’m going to be the new Dragon Head of the Wo Shing Shing. No one is going to stop me, Johnny. But, I need you at my side.’ She looked him over. ‘Wake up soon, Johnny.’ She sighed. ‘Before I choose to let you sleep forever.’

Johnny Mann had been lying on a beach, breeze on his face, gentle drumming of the waves, the flitting shadows of palm trees across his eyelids. He’d been there right up to the point when he smelt her perfume. The beach disappeared. He was standing inside his flat. The blinds were open in the lounge. Outside, a plane’s vapour trail was cutting across the blue sky. 
No reply. Walking through the lounge he passed the glass-topped coffee table and saw the whisky glasses, full ashtray. A feeling of anxiousness was making him sweat. Where was Helen? He kept walking through the lounge but, beneath him, his feet began sinking into mud and trees replaced walls around him. His feet were sinking deeper; he fell and crawled forward on his hands and knees. Something was in his way. He reached out to touch it; it rolled towards him. 

Comment from Jeff at 16:43 on 09 October 2016.
Never read a a bad LW book yet ,they would make great films or TV dramas.
Comment from James Keating at 08:18 on 30 November 2016.
Is this the latest in the Jonny Mann series, and what is its title ,so I can purchase it . The Jonny Mann series was fantastic and kept my wife and I on the edge of our seats , waiting on the next book . We are glad that you have brought him back to our reading experience . Thanks again James Keating
Hi James, This is to bridge the gap for everyone wondering what is JM doing? He also gets a cameo role in Cold Killers. I will write another JM book, promise.
Comment from louie X at 22:52 on 25 January 2017.
I find it difficult to find your books down here in Oz. I discovered the JM books some two years ago. Read to first two and been searching for your books ever since. I quite by accident found Death trip in a second hand book store. Love the sub plots and how it all comes together towards the end. Sue was a bit of a surprise I must say. Brilliant writing. Keep 'em coming.

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